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"Nae Expectations"

Tron Theatre

Jenny Booth’s set – which includes a number of dual use, moving pieces – is ingenious...The scene in which Miss Havisham introduces Pip to her abandoned wedding table (complete with mouldering cake) is memorably disgusting.

The Times ****

"This expansive production is brim-full with gothic light and shade, the eerie brutality of the piece brought into focus on Jenny Booth’s wide open set awash with shadows."

The Herald ****

Director Andy Arnold | Written by Gary Mcnair | Set Design Jenny Booth | Costume design Victoria Brown | Lighting Benny Goodman | Sound Ross Brown |I MG Copyright: Mihaela Bodlovic



Solar Bear Theatre

A triple bill of visual theatre all on one evolving set.


"In all three plays, production kudos are due to Designer, Jenny Booth, whose set morphs easily from domestic home, to bachelor pad, and finally a cinematic backdrop. The power of plywood, canvas, and wheels in clever hands has much to teach other compact, touring productions."

The QR ****

Directors Moira Anne McAuslan , Craig McCulloch, Petre Dobre | Artistic Director Jonathan Lloyd  | Set and Costume Design Jenny Booth | Costume supervision Sophie Chen | Lighting Kai Fischer | Sound and AV Rob Whilllouby |I MG Copyright: Peter Dibdin



Citizens Theatre

Touring show for schools.

My favourite Show report: The P1 audience really enjoyed themselves and could be heard giggling throughout the show. While the lighthouse middle section was being opened we could hear a P5 saying 'This is amazing'. A p5 said 'Oh My God' as the rock was rolled onstage for the first time.

Director Catrin Evans | writer Jen Edgar  | Set and Costume and puppet Design Jenny Booth | Puppet construction Ailie Cohen | sound design from Niroshini Thambar | schools team led by Carly McCaig and Zephyr Liddell

Me and My Sister

"Me and My Sister Tell Each Other Everything"

Tron Theatre

"Jenny Booth's set design is excellent, the actors use camera phones to cast projections from the stage onto the set. The projections also indicate interior changes throughout the play and it feels like every element of the set has a purpose. "

Broadway World ****

"Gripped by the doll’s house that sits at the front of Jenny Booth’s set"

The Guardian ****

And Then Come The NightJars

"And Then Come The Nightjars"

- Wonderfools Theatre Co.

Director Kolbrunbjort | Set + Costume Design Jenny Booth | AV Design Rob Jones | Lighting Micheala Mcfee | Sound Calum Patterson | Actors Eilidh Loan & Anna Martin | Photos Eoin Carey

Director Jack Nurse | Set and Costume design & scenic artist: Jenny Booth | Design assistant Holly Chapman | Movement Emma Jane Parker | Lighting Benny Goodman | Sound Vanives | Photos Rauri B-F

The Tempest

"The Tempest"

- Tron Theatre.

"There's a beautifully fantastical side to this version though, in large part due to Jenny Booth's stage design. It feels entirely fitting both to the world of the play and to Glasgow right now... The set is full of imaginative, gothic magic: ladders swing from mezzanine heights, books are stuffed into every spare space and overlord Prospero towers over it all by perching on a windowsill by the theatre's stained-glass window.

The Skinny ****

Director Andy Arnold |Set Design and Construction Jenny Booth| Costume Victoria Brown | Movement Kerieva McCormick | Lighting Benny Goodman | Sound . Niroshini Thambar | Photos Tui Tiu Makkonen



- Tron Theatre.

"Ali the Magic Elf is quintessentially classy theatre. It is an absolutely enchanting production... played on a truly lovely elf’s workshop set designed by Jenny Booth " 

The National *****

Director Andy Arnold | Set design and construction Jenny Booth | Props Jenny Booth | Costume Victoria Brown | Lighting Natalie | Photos Eoin Carey



- Hopscotch Theatre co.

Producers Thomas McCulloch & Stephanie Blackwells | Designer / Scenic Artist Jenny Booth | Costume Victoria Brown | Scenic art assistant Beth Mccoll


Events and Club nights

A selection of various fun events and club nights including: I AM Enter Tron, SWG3/ Subclub | Skayaman album launch, The Art School | Belly Tree, The Poetry club | Farr festival | Auntie Flo, The Jewellery Factory.


Hopscotch Theatre co.

Small scale touring set with puppet tree.

Producers Thomas McCulloch & Stephanie Blackwells | Set design and Construction Jenny Booth |

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